About Kyle

Hey, I’m Kyle.  Owner of this site and co-founder of 3 successful businesses online.  I have been in world of online business since 2002 now (whew, getting old lol!) and over the years I have helped thousands of people create their first success online…and I have also helped people create their first MILLION online.

Me in Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy

The site you are on right now was actually created within Wealthy Affiliate and it is like the sites that you will be able to create within the awesome Starter membership (which is completely free).  You get 2 free websites like this (get to choose from over 1,200 themes!) when you join, hosting, support, everything included.

It might sound crazy that we offer a service like Wealthy Affiliate Starter for free, but we have always taken the approach that the more transparent you are and the more you can help someone, the better your brand will become in business.

We put our best foot forward and are highly respected in the industry because of this.

Take for example an Apple store.  You walk into a store and you are not walking into a pushy environment at all.  You get all the help you want, you get to try out all the devices, you even get courses (for free) on how to use the device.

At Wealthy Affiliate we do the same thing.  Come in, use our service, stay as long as you want (hopefully you stay forever), build a site, build a business, build friendships and business relationships, and become an expert in your own respect online.

I believe in you and I believe that each and every person in this world has the ability to achieve success, it is just a matter of harnessing it through something that you are interested in and passionate about.  You will find that passion within WA! ;)

If you ever have any questions for me, please leave the for me below and I will be sure to help you out.  You should also consider joining Wealthy Affiliate (it is FREE to join).  It is there that I spend most of my waking hours helping people within the crazy world of Internet business! :)

To your inevitable success,


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